I'm Amira and I am a 21 Y/O girl who is passionate about all things beauty and fashion. Apart from those, I love sports (especially soccer), I like to write and create, be active and always positive. I like to call myself a dreamer & believer as I am, because I believe in our dreams and our abilities of making them come true.

I come from a country called Bosnia & Herzegovina, but I was born in Slovenia where I still currently live. My zodiac sign is Gemini and I have pretty much everything that that sign is known for: nervious, ability to learn quick (if interested in something), love to communicate, do many things at once and I love music, magazines and traveling. I'm a huge chocolate lover, I love spending time with my closest friends and watching movies or series in my free time. Apart from being big sports fan, I also workout 3-5 times a week at home, but in future I would like to spend more time at the gym.

I love reading quotes as they are a great reminder to never give up on my dreams and fill me with positive energy and motivation, also I love to share them on my social media to spread positive energy.

Iā€™m very ambitious and as a believer, I hope I can and will achieve all of my dreams and with my blog I hope I will deliver helpful, entertaining and motivating content to help people from all around the world, the ones who will take time to read my work.


With Love,