Hello, it's me again ❤️


Today I feel like talking about something that might be and for mostly is a huge problem for all of us, for one reason or another.

95% of time I'm extremly positive, motivated, happy and crazy (in a good way), but those 5% I spend worrying about unnecessary things. Most of the times we worry too much or we're impatient with certain things, maybe even disappointed with some people or things in life. I've been through it, still kind of am in it.

Then we spend so much time on social media, following celebrities and having inspirations, seeing what they do and how they do it, but we don't see that often those kind of people who are trying to spread the voice and make a true difference for people who need it the most. I'm talking about listening, helping and supporting each other. No competition or being envyous. There is so much room at the top for everyone, if only we aim high enough and actually do things to complete whatever wishes we might have. Today, I want to be that voice.

Anyways, lots of you (including me) have thoughts, feelings that matter and shouldn't be kept inside because we worry about what others will think or how it sounds. Every voice matters and we're all equal. Stand up for yourself, protect yourself and spread love. Surround yourself with people who are with you through all stages of life.


Lately, I spend so much time thinking about the things I'm personally aiming for, how far have I come and why aren't I there where I ''should be'' after all the hard work? What to do next? How to improve? What important step to do to be closer to those goals? …. Those are the questions that don't let me be during the day and sleep during the night. I'm sure we all have gone through this at least once.

For anyone who's having a tought time right now, stay strong. I feel you and I'm with you. 🖤

But, THAT ISN'T something that we should stick to. It's ok not to feel okay, we're all humans with feelings, just make sure to take your time and get back up again. I mean, when you look back, you see progress at many things – you might be more educated, smarter, more positive, at a better position in your job, better at school or a better person.

When I look back, I realize how far I've come. Still, aren't at the top where I'm aiming to be, but NOTHING comes overnight, every small step counts and ends up in big results. I've come far from where I started – that's a step forward, that's progress, that's something I didn't do or have before.

We might shine or we might fail. Either way we should keep going and keep trying.


Here's to everyone: let's stop stressing and overthinking.

Everything falls into place at the perfect time, one day all our hard work will pay off and with time we will see small progresses – I know I do, soon you will too. It might be small now, but it will be big later.

Sometimes it's hard, sometimes we just don't care or don't think about it. Either way we should stay strong and stand together. Whatever that might be bothering you right now, or whatever happened to you, you should know that you're not alone – there is ALWAYS someone who cares about you. I care about you too. 🖤

So, let me give you a quick reminder:

1)      Stop stressing & overthinking

2)      Take a deep breath

3)      Start over

4)      Try again after failures

5)      Never give up



There are some days all we want to do is cry and be alone, and if that's what you need, then take your time, but come back stronger. We've got this.



I hope this post made you feel at least a bit better and I want to know your thoughts or if you have some struggles I can help with – get commenting!




             Amira ❤️

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