Happy Tuesday ❤️

Being woman means being and looking beautiful and awesome.

We women love using many beauty products to take care of our hair, skin, nails and our looks are reflection of our care and it will definitely make us feel and look better. We will thank ourselves later. 🙆

There are so many natural ingredients you can prepare at home and use for many beauty tricks like for hair, nails, stretch marks, cellulite and more, but there are also some ingredients that are very beneficial and will help you get to the point where you want to be. For example, did you know that coffee grounds are extremly beneficial for skin and also to get rid of cellulite? Like every other girl (mostly), also I am struggling with cellulite and eventhough I workout almost everyday, it's hard to get rid of it so I decided to give it a try with some creme or body butter that is made out of coffee.

Coffee grounds and caffeine in general are very beneficial for our skin and here are some of my top 5 beauty treatments you can prepare at home and use for your skin or hair.




Abrasive structure that coffee contains, has exfoliating action against dead cells, which means if it's used in moderate and gentle way, it can remove flaky skin off the face. You can use coffee scrub also for your heels if they're dry or hands.


The antioxidants that coffee contains, can also revive dull, tired skin by using the nutrients you need in your pores. It also increases circulation. Just mix 2 tablespoons of organic plain yogurt with one tablespoon of coffee ground and apply it to your freshly washed face and leave it work for about 10-15 minutes then wash it off.


Have you ever woken up with big dark circles under your eyes? Application of caffeine under our eyes will increase the microcirculation of blood in the skin and it's best to be done in the morning as caffeine can be absorbed into circulation through the skin.


Mixing coffee grounds with the conditioner you use will not only make you feel great about it, but the caffeine will also help you with your hair growth. Try using this treatment once a week for better results.


Coffee contains a lot of caffeine which boosts our energy after drinking it, but that same caffeine contains stimulant properties that help you reduce cellulite. It stimulates circulation of blood and lymph in our bodies which helps to transport toxins to site of elimination. Using coffee scrubs will also break the old fat cells which accumulate in form of cellulite.

There are many more coffee benefits that can be used for beauty tricks but those are my top 5 one's and especially the one for cellulite. As mentioned before, I am struggling or better said was struggling with it a lot until I tried applying it on my thighs and seeing better results. I am using a body butter from Delia Cosmetics which is made out of coffee and its caffeine and my cellulite is almost gone! You can either mix coffee grounds with bit of warm water and apply it where you have cellulite and massage it for about 10 minutes then wash it off (repeat 2 times a week), or you can use any body butter which is made out of coffee. As long as it's coffee, it will accumulate blood circulation and help you reduce cellulite.


I use this one and it has been extremly helpful


I hope those coffee beauty tricks will bring you the results you want!



               Amira ❤️