Are you one of those who puts themselves last? Did you know, that self care is very important for our health from inside out? Proper self-care makes us look great from the outside, but from the inside it nourishes our mind and skin in many ways. Me personally, I take a lot of time for myself, because that's what makes me feel much better from inside and from outside.


If you're like me and you like to eat clean and workout, or if you're completely opposite of that, do you remember about those tiny details about taking time for yourself? Those small things you can do in short amount of time that will make you feel much better, happier and healthier? It might seem like an non-important thing to be added to your daily routine, but some things do change pretty much everything about how you really feel about yourself. From proper skin and facial care to doing what you love to do, it all belongs to the topic i'm talking about ➡️ self-care.

Spending time with your friends or having a nothing-to-do kind of day, have BIG impact on your mental AND physical health, because it gives you what you feel like you need because those are things that make you happy and relaxed, feel good. Nowadays stress is present most of the times due to many reasons and it has bad impact on us, so we have to take care of our health and feelings. I do tend to be stressed a lot, because of 'chasing my dreams' and nothing in life is easy anyway, so I like to take care of myself for myself so I can be able to feel great in my own skin. Depends on each person what you love and like, but me, I like to nourish my skin EVERYDAY and make those beauty treatments for better skin, apart from beauty things there are many more things that make me feel great and are just small details that I mentioned before; spending time with friends (go out for a coffee or stay at home and watch movies alongside with lots of sweets – yes sweets too!) or sometimes just going for a walk can make you feel much much better. There are many things you can include to your healthy lifestyle for self-care.




You probably have heard 314235 times about drinking a lot of water during the day and one more time I will say (and i've said it in previous posts), staying hydrated is important for your health and for skin, because with lots of water you will bring much positive impact to your skin (it worked for me and many other people as well).


If you like those beauty things like me, then go to a spa for whatever you like to do (get a massage, go for a facial care or baths or if you love having nice nails, go on a manicure)


If you feel like having a really horrible day, then going for a walk will definitely make you feel better. Sometimes if I spend few days at home or if I have a stressful day, going for a walk always makes me feel better and the stress just goes away as you breath fresh air and you clear your mind.


I always talk about positivity and that one should believe in their capabilities, because it will make a big impact on your mental health. If you let all the negative energy out and replace it with positive one, your life will automatically change (talking from my own experience) and when mentioning creativity, I do mean be creative. Everything is possible if you just believe and search for a way to accomplish it.


Just because you're living a healthier life, it doesn't mean you can't afford something 'not so good for my health or diet', it's simply not true. It is good actually to eat something higher in calories, having cheat meals to refeed your body. So take a trip to a shop, buy as many sweets or fast food as you want and invite a friend over, enjoy.


Now this is probably the most common therapy for all of us (music is present EVERYDAY, whole day for me). Music is always great choice for pretty much everything while for reading books you must have passion (I hate reading books so this doesn't count for me).


You see, small details that can change everything about yourself and it all has to do with self-care, you just didn't realize it before, maybe. There are many more things to do, but those are my main tips and it really will brighten your day. Always take time for yourself, you are the most important to yourself so make sure you feel and look your best.



             Amira ❤️

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