My Favourite Healthy & Beneficial Teas

Happy Monday everyone! ♥️


I'm like an english person, always sticking with the tea no matter if it's winter or summer. I looove teas just as much as someone loves coffee (I don't) or any other drink. As coffee is a 'must have' for most of the people in this world, tea is mine, but I don't drink them just because I love them, but also because some teas have really great effects on our health and helps us with certain problems. So, which are my favourite teas and why?  🤔  … Let's get going!




#1. Cranberry Tea ☕️


It is said that Cranberry Tea is woman's best friend, and it's true! Cranberries have many positive effect on our bodies, but the one that is ''most important'' and really helpful is for our stomach, or more specifically, ovaries. Drinking Cranberry tea is also good for:

-           your eye health as it works as natural defender against environmental dangers and degenerative diseases

-          Hearth health, because it is a great way to get regular doses of phytochemicals

-          Stress relief, because berries are a great stress relieving natural source and cranberry belong to that family, so drinking this tea will take care of your inside from the top to the bottom

And as mentioned before, belly/ovaries pain, this tea might help you with that problem as well. I haven't read anything about it on the internet, but I heared it from my mom that Cranberries are extremly good for female troubles. When that time of month arrives, most of women are dealing with horrible kind of belly pain (I used to be one of them), drinking this tea might help you with that problem, it sure did help me a lot! I can easily survive the month + it is said that Cranberry tea also might help with ovaries cysts, so give it a try!


#2. Black Tea ☕️


Another one of my top favourite teas – black tea.

Caffeine is good for our health in some ways and great way to give you an energy boost. As I don't like coffee at all, black tea is my source of caffeine and energy boost.

Some people prefer to go with green tea, but black tea is just as beneficial and good for your health as green tea, the only difference is in taste and in the way it's processed (same goes with white tea). I like drinking this tea because of its taste and healthy dose of caffeine, but also because it has many other health benefits, such as:

-          Helps you lose weight and reduce body fat because of its antioxidant properties

-          It's a stress relieving drink

-          Lowers risk of diabetes

-          Helps with cancer prevention

-          Contains antibacterial activities

There are many more health benefits of this particular tea, but I named some of my favourite ones.

#3. White Tea ☕️

white tea.jpg

Another great tea that helps with weightloss/fatloss.

Just as black and green tea, white tea also contains antioxidants and it tastes same as green tea. White tea is also known for its:

-          Antiaging properties; with its antioxidants, it may also reduce signs of premature aging

-          Skin care; helps in maintaining healthy and youthful skin

-          Prevents cancer; my be beneficial in preventing lung cancer and it has antimutagenic properties

-          Controls diabetes; my provide relief to diabetics from symptoms such as increased insulin secretion.

Also this tea contains many more health benefits.


#4.  Cinnamon Tea ☕️


Cinnamon tea is a simple, healthful beverage to enjoy and has a sweet, spicy flavour which are known to be as significant health benefits.

Like black,white and green tea, cinnamon tea also contains antioxidant properties which may be helpful particularly for fatloss and preventing certain cancers. Cinnamon has the third-highest antioxidant content and it was sugguested to use cinnamon as a natural antioxidant. Drinking this tea might also be helpful for:

-          Type 2 diabetes; helps reduce blood sugar level

-          Cholesterol; consuming 120 miligrams to 6 grams of cinnamon per day was associated with reduced levels of total cholesterol

-          Natural pain reliever; whether you're suffering from headache or sore muscles from exercising, cinnamon tea helps you find relief.

Side effects:

Cinnamon powders and barks are considered safe, but concentrated cinnamon oil is toxic and can cause nausea, vomiting or kidney damage. If you drink too much of cinnamon tea (talking about large quantities), you might experience diarrhea as an side effect.


This tea has positive effects for our health and body if we drink it in moderate way, but might be harmful if drinking too much of it.


So, those are my top 4 favourite teas to drink, but I always take caution of how much I drink them. Just because something is beneficial to our health, it doesn't mean go over the top with it.

Teas are my favourite beverage in the world and I can drink them everyday, no matter how cold or hot it might be outside. Depends on the day which one I drink, but the one I almost always go with is Black Tea due to healthy caffeine and other health benefits AND also for helping burn body fat.

If you're having any kind of health problems, going natural is always better than going with pills in my opinion. So, if experiencing any problems, try with any of these teas and i'm sure it will be helpful in some way. Especially women, cranberry tea is awesome!


I hope this has been helpful and it will result as a helpful advice. 



            Amira ❤️