Happy June everyone!


I feel like starting new month with positive energy – as always! But firstly, did you know, that what you believe in, will take the power over you?

Not many people out there know how our mindset affects our lives, even I didn't know it until not so long ago when I went from negative to positive mindset.

Guess what, positivity wins! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

So don't waste your time with negativity and instead, go fully with positivity – it will change your life.

Let me tell you a little story about me first …

Due to circumstances I lived and still live in, it's hard to stay normal and positive all the time, which is exactly the reason why I used to be very depressed and negative until about 3-4 years ago. But, I wanted to live a better and happier life so I took control over it, I changed firstly my mindset and made myself believe that everything is possible in this world (as it is) and I became positive. I took out all the negativity and replaced it with positivity and that's when my life started to change, that's when I attracted all the good things onto me with my positive mindset.

What have I accomplished so far?

It all started with weightloss (as I used to be super chubby before), then continued with workouts and healthy nutrition (as I wanted to transform my body) and during this healthy lifestyle process, I was able to learn the truth about the right nutrition and workouts and hopefully I can help someone in the future. I decided to go for all my dreams and goals that I have in life, one of them is what I'm doing right now – blogging, it's because I love it and I want to be successful at it. I filled my mind with belief, positivity and I was always filled with what's so important to accomplish goals and dreams – willpower. I was never the type of person who gave up on something I wanted, because of the burning desire I had inside of me and the willpower (it's because I know it's possible, I believe in myself and I never give up).

Since I started out blogging, I had a chance to collaborate with few others; few months ago as I made a blog post about PoppyApparel fashion store and few weeks ago I participated in a bracelet campaign by PERDITI which I absolutely love! Also, I was featured on fashion blog called LookVine on which I was also interviewed. Pretty awesome, right?

It's those small things that bring you to your final destination. I was able to start and now I'm working day by day on every single wish and dream I have to accomplish. It all takes time, hard work and persistance.

I have accomplished quite a few things, even more than I mentioned here, but you get my point.

Some of the things I worked on:

PoppApparel feature


(you can still use my discount code 'Amira10' at their website

PERDITI bracelet campaign


 LookVine feature



So, what should you do?

NEVER EVER let anyone bring you down or tell you that something is impossible, everything is possible you just need to believe in it so strong and work for it, everyday, even if you make small steps daily, it is getting you closer to that goal. What you feed your mind with, will take control over you and it will push you towards your goals. The future is in your hands, go out and get what you want.

There's one specific quote I really love to use all the time when talking about this, it's from Sylvester Stallone and it says:


Here are some of my tips that will help you become stronger:

1.       BE POSITIVE

I will mention this 254252 more times if I have to until you become it – it has seriously big impact on your life. Positive vibes attract positive things. Positivity will always give you a way out and a happier life.


Some know it since they were babies, while others (including me) know it for only few years. Know what it is that you want in life so you can start on making a plan for it. Make up your mind.

3.       GO FOR IT

Once you make up your mind, just go for it. Work hard and be consistant.


Always believe that you can accomplish everything you set your mind up to. Everything is possible, it just takes time, hard work and persistance. Your strong belief will keep pushing you towards your goals.

5.       NEVER GIVE UP

The final and most important step, no matter how hopeless it might seem or difficult, never give up. All things worth having won't come easy. Keep going.

Start your day with positive attitude, truly believe in the goodness and it will come to you.



             Amira ❤️