Happy July, Happy summer to you all!

Are you enjoying your summer vacay or are you stressing about pretty much everything in your life? I do too sometimes, but I manage to keep it relaxing and great anyways.

Vacation mood is officially on and one of the things we like the most about summer is warm weather, lots of sun, cold drinks and enjoying all of that in a great company. Oh, not to forget amazing summer trends and fashion! Taking pictures and being active on social media is another way how we like to spend our summer, spreading some summer vibes. 🤘


Summer is such an amazing time of the year where we can completely disconnect from our daily stressful routine and recharge our batteries. Most of the times it means going to the beach or pools and spending time with friends. During summer I like going out to take a walk with my closest friends or go for a really cold and refreshing lemonade. Not to forget to mention ice creams.

It is also the time of the year when we worry most about our bodies and work hard to get that summer body, but one must know how to live good and how to BE HAPPY. You don't need to cut out from your life everything  you like the most (like some drinks or ice creams or any other treats). Be active and make those things part of your good life (just like me). Be stylish, be active, be alive and enjoy your summer.




When it's summer, I like to jump into shorts and dresses (especially dresses), wear nice and cute shoes and of course, accessories like watches, bracelets, handbags and so on.

Not long ago I took a trip to the abanded villa with my friend and took some amazing shots. It was such a beautiful place to spend time as it was full of flowers and it's a great way to really disconnect from everything.


For that day my style was casual and my hairstyle was so called 'top knot' which is really popular nowadays.


My Le Cure bracelet is from PERDITI and the color is Rose Gold. It is the brand I collaborated with for this bracelet campaign few months ago and still goes great with everything.

White tank top that i'm wearing is from Halifornia Apparel and i'm loving it! It was a perfect day to take some shots in my brand new top.


Any casual style can be just as perfect as any other for summer! 



My favourite summer drink is definitely lemonade, but not typical lemonade made just out of lemon.  I rather choose something different.

Watermelon & Lemon flavour 🍉🍋


A combination I have neved tried before, but so glad I did now!

Pineapple flavour 🍍


Another great combination, worth of try!

Both were refreshing and amazing and they made me feel happy haha.


Which one would you choose? 


A simple way how I like to be spending my summer, but much more is coming soon.  Go out, have lots of cold drinks, ice creams and whatever you like and don't worry too much about anything. Live & Love!


Wish you all an amazing summer.



             Amira ❤️