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As the summer is over, now it's time for my personally favourite season which is fall. It's time to put aside those dresses and put on warmer clothes; it's time for a sweater weather.

Autumn is special in so many ways, from pumpkin season to halloween, but there is something very special in the air when this time of year arrives; autumn breeze, leaves all over and it's a picturesque and spooky season.


Also, there are many things to be done during fall season from harvesting to carving pumpkins during halloween, preparing costumes and making all those amazing pumpkin – season recipes, while there are also many other things that I'm looking forward to this fall:

  • Hot chocolates

  •   Scarves

  •   Boots

  •   Candles

  •   Oversized jumpers

  •   Special comfort foods

  •   Evenings are more magical

  •   Special skin care

We all love having cozy movie nights with some candles, hot chocolates and amazing food as it goes with it perfectly, but when it comes to girls and their beauty/skincare routine, it's now time for some new DIY tricks!

Fall season is known mostly as pumpkin season and there is one amazing DIY body scrub you can prepare at home with pumpkin. It is very simple and beneficial for your skin and it's called pumpkin sugar scrub .

(picture from Google)

(picture from Google)


Pumpkin is packed with vitamin E, it is a good source of vitamin C which is known to protect skin from free radical derived oxidative damage that could lead your skin into poor tone and wrinkles.

Making your own pumpkin sugar scrub has never been easier and better for you as it only requires 3 ingredients; pumpkin puree, brown sugar and coconut oil.

So why is this scrub good for your skin?

If you mix everything together and get scrubbing, then it will leave you silky smooth!


 How to prepare your pumpkin sugar scrub:

To get started, place a big mixing bowl and put in your pumpkin puree and brown sugar (1, 1/2 cups) and mix until the two ingredients are mixed well and then add a teaspoon of coconut oil and continue to mix. If it's too runny add more brown sugar ori f it's too clumpy add more pumpkin puree or coconut oil. When finished, place it in a jar.

Now get scrubbing!

This easy home-made scrub will make sure that your skin will be very smooth and you will give a great care to your skin.

The sugar exfoliates, coconut oil moisturizes and the pumpkin delivers vitamins.

Store your scrub in fridge when not using it, it will last longer. Make sure you get the perfect scrub for fall season.



I hope you liked this post, and if you did, share it and let me know how this scrub helped you!



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