The Use Of Beauty Products In My Everyday Life

Heeellooo for the first time in 2019!

As we stepped into new year with new goals, we might as well make sure that this year will be THE year. Keep doing the things that make you happy, things you want to accomplish.

(credit: Muursticker4sale)

(credit: Muursticker4sale)

Me, as a beauty enthusiast, I want to keep sharing useful content with others and help them in any way possible. So, for start I want to share some of my favourite beauty products that I use on daily basis and how they help me to have clear, healthy skin. Because we girls, just love cosmetics and all things beauty!


Having morning and evening routines are a big part when it comes to skin health. We are exposed to numerous bacterias during night on our pillowcase and during day in the air. Always wash your face first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed. Also, putting a face mask once or twice a week gives your skin deep cleansing.

Some of the products that I use:

1)      Afrodita 3in1 peeling


This is a perfect peeling that I use in the morning and in the evening. It can be used as cleansing gel, peeling or face mask (that's why It's 3in1). It cleans your face deeply and gives it a perfect smooth.

2) Balea Cleansing Milk


Another great product to use for skin nourishment. Cleansing milk not only nourishes skin, but it also gives your skin an incredible smooth.

3) Revuele Argan Oil Eye Contour & Night Cream


This one is designed for people like me, who struggle with dark eye circles on daily basis. In my case, I have extremly dark eye circles (literally black) and have tried many products, but there was no effect. This eye contour cream does not make my eye circles light, but it does smoothen the skin under the eyes and gives it a slighter better look.

night cream.jpg

This is one is perfect night cream that I use every night. Argan oil is known for its benefits and when it comes to skin, it reduces all the redness from your face, regenerates cells and hydrates the skin.

4) Nivea Day Cream

(Credit: Countdown)

(Credit: Countdown)

Nivea is my favourite brand. For everything. Their products are just amazing. This day cream is made out of aloe vea and argan oil (2 one of most powerful natural beauty ingredients). It hydrates and nourishes your skin deeply during day and also reduces all the redness from acne or any other skin issues.

5) Garnier Eye Mask


I started using this mask 2 days ago, also doesn't make your dark circles disappear, but it gives an incredible refreshment and wakes you up a bit. It's better if you leave the mask in the fridge overnight as colder as it is, the more it reduces darkness and puffiness under eyes.

6) Afrodita Face Mask


This one is designed for problematic skin. With its effect, it cleans your pores and gives your skin a perfect detox.


And this one is a refreshing mask for greasy skin.  It gives a great fresh look to your skin.

Those are my favourite beauty products that I dedicately use. Each one of them has its purpose and effect. As my skin is greasy and sensitive, it requires a proper dedication, even if your skin is naturally beautiful, still it requires some care.

With those products I take care of my skin and I don't have to worry about anything (except for dark eye circles – but the Garnier mask and Revuele cream have some other benefits).


Have you tried any of these products or you would love to?



             Amira ❤️

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