Self-Care Practices to Boost Your Body

Happy Summer 🧡

Even when we try to live our best life and we try to always make the right and healthy decisions, something seems to go the wrong way.

When we make up our minds and want to stick to it, we might end up being tired or we're busy and sometimes we might even think that we don't deserve it or it won't make an impact on us if we do it. But it does. Some of the smallest routines you add to your day can make a huge impact on how your inner-self feels and how your skin is gonna feel and look on the outside out.

Mostly, we are filled with toxins and we believe that self-care is a luxury, but deep down we all know that nothing that makes us feel good and happy and look great is a luxury. It just means we put ourselves first and it's time to make some changes.

(Pic from Google)

(Pic from Google)

To be able to boost your body from inside out, here are some of my ideas on how to do it:



Being well rested is what will give you the strenght and motivation to do things you wouldn't do otherwise if you feel tired all the time. Change your pattern and go to bed earlier, so you can have a good sleep and do your things the next day with energy.


Spend Time With Friends, Family

I mention this one in my every 'nurture yourself' post, because spending time with our most loved ones will make us feel good from inside out. They bring the laughter, good and positive vibes and relaxation to your mind. So, if you have someone like that in your life, then keep them close and stay away from the ones who bring you all the opposite.

Use Natural Cosmetics

When it comes to girls and cosmetics (if you can’t live without them like I can’t), then you really need to be picky about this. I say picky, because many products seem to claim to be completely natural and good for the skin, while on other hand they contain a lot of non-natural ingredients. Take time to pick a great ones and take time for yourself, to nurture your skin to make sure it won’t suffer.

(Pic from Google)

(Pic from Google)

Change The Things That Make You Unhappy

If you're stuck with doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, then do something about it. Often times it's more easier said than done, but if we can (and we can) make a change, then do it. Get rid of things that make you feel stressed and unhappy, or if for some reason you really can't at the moment, at least add something that will make you feel calm and happy again. Maybe some hobby or just a time for yourself to read or do any other thing that makes you feel good.

Do Summer Vibes Things

Summer is a great time of the year to do many fun activities outside and enjoy some things we mostly do not during the year. Get cold drinks, eat lots of ice cream, go to the beach or pool with friends and travel. Summer vibes are happy vibes ✌️.

(Pic above - Google, Bottom pic - HeyPik)

(Pic above - Google, Bottom pic - HeyPik)

I hope you find this post useful and that you'll boost your body in the good, right way.

Get commenting if you find it useful or if you have some other kind of routine!



Have a great beginning of the summer! ☀️🙆


             Amira ❤️